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Who We Are & What We Are Looking For!


“We specialize in Thrillers!

Aesthetic Press welcomes diverse work and offers extensive marketing for our titles!”

Aesthetic Press is a Full-Service Digital-First Independent Publisher of commercial fiction Novels, Novelettes, & Anthologies. We specialize in Thrillers, Mysteries, Dark Fiction, and books with Dark Humor, Anti-Heroes, & Compelling/Gritty Themes! Aesthetic Press has a commitment to supporting diversity and opening doors for creatives in publishing!

In the field of publishing black and brown authors are underrepresented and underutilized. There are few fields, avenues, and companies which seek literature from BIPOC authors and diverse literature and if they do it is rarely consistent, but Aesthetic Press is an indie publisher that welcomes diverse work and offers extensive marketing for our titles!

We seek to serve, nurture, cater to a long forgotten, abandoned, underrepresented market of imaginative, diverse artists. 81% of all authors published in America are white. 79% of all people who work in the publishing industry are white. “Publishing So White” is a real thing and is a real concern for the hundreds of thousands of underrepresented authors with stories to tell that have commercial potential to make their voices heard and get their art seen. 

Aesthetic Press welcomes unsolicited submissions from published and unpublished authors and diverse authors. We are looking for: commercial, upmarket fiction (fiction only) in the form of novels, novelettes, and novellas. We accept Adult, Young Adult, and New Adult. We are particularly interested in compelling storylines/characters, anti-heroes, thrillers, psychological thrillers, dark, dark humor, emotional, drama (even elaborate/absurd drama), mysteries, murder mysteries, super villains, dystopian, forbidden romance, dark romance, stories that reflect reality/current events/social justice, reality bending tales, quirky, academia, historical/period, stories with series potential, single author anthologies…all genres and themes are welcome and will be considered, but the listed ones are our absolute favorites!


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